Kritodomi SA is one of the main Construction Companies in Crete, with registered offices in Chania.

Kritodomi SA has not only been active in the construction and sales of properties, but has also penetrated the commercial market of high quality building materials, as well as the field of specialised architectural drawings and studies.

If you are interested in purchasing a house or office in Chania, then you have good reasons to work with us. Our vast experience, our commitment to quality, our highly skilled and trained architects and engineers, coupled with our attention to detail and the selection of fine building materials, are just a few of our greatest assets.

Our services to you do not stop here, however.
They go well beyond the impeccable design and construction of your property, as Kritodomi makes sure that you acquire your new house or office under the most favourable market conditions.With all the aforementioned in mind, it is only natural that our former clients recommend us to potential new clients, which says a great deal about us.

It is easy to find out more about Kritodomi SA, if you ask people in Chania. You will soon find out that Kritodomi has built up a good reputation and its name has become synonymous with efficiency, quality, and excellent service.

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